We were thrilledBane Conquest #1 to hear that the original creators of Bane are going to co-create a story for their creation all those years after his original debut but it seems that we overreacted.

The first volume of Bane: Conquest was at best a mediocre comic book that did not reach not even a portion of it’s potential left wide open from his previous story arc from┬áTom King and David Finch “I am Bane” and this is quite disappointing.

The flow of the comic book seems hard to follow with scenes popping up with no cohesive way and even though the art looks great the story accompanied the art feels short. The whole story feels empty because we are not sure what is the main purpose for Bane’s actions. Having said that the first volume of the series fell short in bringing a lot of excitement to make me want to read more and by the time I finished reading it I was casually expecting to see more pages in order to bring me into the mood.

Hopefully, things will pick up by the next volume. Until then I found it quite literally a waste of time.


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