The Shadow is the kind of pulp-era hero that I’ve had an interest in but never really took the time to investigate. However, with Batman attached to this title, I knew I finally had an excuse. Surprisingly, we don’t find our heroes working at the same time from the start, but I’d like to avoid offering too many spoilers. Either way, I’m glad to say that I picked up this limited series because the creative team behind it shines through.

I was happy to finally get a taste of a hero that I wanted to learn more about so-much-so that I’ll admit to not having immediately noticed Scott Snyder was writing it. I’m not sure how much more I can say about Snyder working on a Batman title that hasn’t already been said since his amazing work on “The Black Mirror” arc at the end of the first Detective Comics volume in 2011. Snyder is a writer who captures Batman extraordinarily well and honestly that’s all there is to that. If you like his work on Detective Comics or Batman than you can expect to enjoy this. Now, while I can praise Snyder until the sun sets, it’s tough to decipher who wrote what of the title because there are two authors, Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando. However, if they’re both able to capture these characters this well then they deserve equal praise. We must remember though that good writing is not the only thing to make a comic strong. I had not yet see art by Riley Rossmo but it does well to pair with the strong writing of this title. It feels cartoonish, yes, but not so much that it detracts from the crime-solving nature of the title. If you’re not a fan of more stylized art I’d still say to check it out as it’s enjoyably so.

My verdict on this issue is to definitely check it out if you haven’t already.  We haven’t gotten to see much of The Shadow yet, but with our two heroes at odds, I’m sure we’ll see more soon. As I mentioned above, the team that has composed this issue did a stellar job, and with it being a limited series of only six issues I doubt there will be any concern of declining quality. In fact, I’m a bit glad that this series is limited because there’s currently so much good content coming out lately that I’m finding my pull list a bit too long. I suppose though that too much good content is a hard thing to complain about.

Batman And the Shadow Cover
Batman / The Shadow #1
April 2017
DC & Dynamite Crossover
Scott Snyder & Steve Orlando
Riley Rossmo  
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