I have to say that I was looking really forward to getting my hands on Plastic ever since Image first announced it back in January and even though I was pretty late on doing so due to unforeseen burden of work these past few days I finally did got it and it was all I was expecting and even more. I have to say that for sure it was different than that of what I imagined for all these months but, and trust me on this one, different good.

Let me first give you the preview Image gave us for the Plastic #1

Retired serial killer Edwyn Stoffgruppen is in love with Virginia, a girl he “met online.” Her affection quiets his vile urges. Together, they tour the back roads of America in their LTD, eating doughnuts and enjoying their healthy appetites for each other. Life is good…until a Louisiana billionaire kidnaps Virginia, forcing Edwyn to kill again in exchange for her freedom. Oh, and did we mention that Virginia is a sex doll?

So there you have it. Edwyn is the main character of our comic, even though I am pretty sure I only recall reading “Victor” as his name, and he is a retired serial killer in love with a sex doll named Virginia that someone kidnapped and forced Victor to kill in order to get her back.

That could be potentially the wackier description of a comic book I remember reading, it was actually so wacky that I immediately pre-ordered the things right then and there, and I could not be happier.

One of the things that I thought we are going to see is a maniac going on a killing spree, not able to control his anger for his kidnapped sex doll while a full one villain commands him to do his bidding. This is the part that I was totally wrong and to be honest I am happy I was.

It’s easy to understand that Victor is not exactly a healthy character right from the first page of the comic, seeing him make a dialog with pretty much himself while the amazing art of Daniel Hillyard creates a subconscious emotion that the character we are seeing is sick using mostly greenish and yellowish colors. Overall Victor has some amazing art done over him with hollow eyes, prominent cheekbones, and strong jaw lines. Quite what you would expect for someone playing this role.

Even though Image passed Viktor as a serial killer and with the cover art being the one it is Viktor seemed quite relaxed and not in the mood to kill anyone. I recall him saying quite a few times that all they want is to be left alone and by they I mean he and his sex doll. His interaction with a third person, a grocery store employee, is done in the utmost normality and even though we are getting some inner thought bubbles they are just a shopping checklist being crossed.

I think that the writer, Doug Wagner, intended the normality of that scene to be such so that the intensity of the next scene would shock us more and I have to say that it achieved his goals by giving us a scene of Victor losing control when he finds a number of people harassing his lady.

Victor is a character that by all means, I would characterize as an average Joe, and if not for an uneasy aura that follows every scene, I could even dare to say that he could be a normal guy minding his own business. Of course, this changes when the bad guy, which mind me, also seems like a decent guy, kidnaps Victors sex doll and pushes him in murdering a family with the name of Pratchett.

I have to say I am very pleased overall and that this has to be one of the best 1st volumes of a comic book that I have read for quite a while. Not all out but also not something that would bore me at all. Victor is a well-built character with amazing art lines that I believe can truly transfer the thoughts of the writer to the reader with minimum effort. It also helps us create a profile for Victor that will keep our imagination burning till the next volume arrives on the 24th of May.

In my defense even though I have built a profile for Victor, something tells me that things are going to unravel differently from the second chapter and forward now that nothing holds him back.

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