Regression #1If you are easily scared or you want to avoid nightmares maybe this is not your cup of tea and probably you should avoid at all costs.

Adrian has some serious problem. I cannot tell for certain if the problem that he has is entirely within his brain or if this is something that is really happening and this seriously creeps me out which is probably the thing that I so much loved about this comic.

Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, The Sixth Gun, The Empty Man) has outdone himself with this one and one of the reasons for this is that it basically comes, weirdly enough, from true experiences. Even though for people that actually had the chance to read the comic book prior reading this review, this might sound absurd (knowing all those supernatural phenomena happening within its pages) what I mean by true is simple childish imagination.

Cullen said that Regression was an idea that he got from his performing father. He used to perform as a hypnotist to various occasions as well as parties and a lot of the times he would get those “past life regressions” especially when his father would ask them to go back decades before they were born. Most of them would go on explaining exactly what was happening, who they were and what they were doing but once, he saw someone that stood silent. He said nothing. Even though his father asked him to go further and further down the road this guy said nothing. His father called them “genuinely new souls” but in the eyes of young Cullen it was something else. What if his past was so terrible that he was trying to forget it. What if it was so bad that he was trying to hide from it.

From that memory of his youth came his newest comic series, Regression which follows Adrian, a man who is troubled by his ghastly waking nightmares or as he calls them hallucinations. Adrian seems to be seeing terrible things all around him at a level that would make everyone feel sick so one of the things that amaze me is the ability of Adrian to coop with all that he sees. Danny Luckert (Haunted) knows exactly how to make everyone feel as sick and disgusted as our protagonist Adrian. He manipulates the story in such a point that every detail of Adrian issues becomes our issue.

We are unaware of how or when those nightmares started but it seems that has affected Adrian for quite a while for his friends to start murmur behind his back. All but one, Molly, who attempt to help him by getting him in contact with a hypnotherapist that he agrees to meet but things get even worse when he goes under a past life regression therapy and he sees things that he probably did not want to see. What is even worse is that he brings something back with him.

The first volume of Regressions is powerful enough to keep me going and hoping for more. I was counting the pages long before the book was half way and I was hoping it will never end. It seems that the first volume just gave us a taste of what Adrian will have to go through for the rest of the series, which mind you it won’t be an easy ride. The amazing side of how Cullen sees the supernatural and the way that he connects our past life with our present is amazing and together with the freakishly disgusting(=awesome in this situation) art of Danny Regression is a must read/must have for everyone that loves supernatural.

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